From August 2017 this class will become part of the SQUIRES - Tokyo Crusaders Youth Rugby program

From August 2017 this class will be independent of Rugby Park Japan. It will continue to run as a part of the SQUIRES - Tokyo Crusaders Youth Rugby program. For all details please go to



Season 1,Week 10- Report June 8th 2017

'Useful Words' - 有用な言葉 - this week included: Drop Kick - ドロップ, Grubber - グラバー, Punt - パント, Up & Under - ハイパント, Ankle - あしくび, Ground - じめん, Carefully - たいせつ, Drop the ball carefully - たいせつにボールをおとす



Season 1,Week 9- Report June 1st 2017

'Useful Words' - 有用な言葉 - this week included: Timing - タイミング, Team work - チームワーク, Work together - きょうりょく, Pop/float - うかす, Get up - おきあがって, Drop - おとす, Drop the ball - ボールをおとす, Don't drop the ball - ボールをおとさないで



Season 1, Week 8- Report May 25th 2017 

'Useful Words' - 有用な言葉 - this week included: Support - しえん, In Front - まえに, Behind -うしろに, Pass in front of the reciever -うけろ人の前にパス, Straight - まっすぐ, Draw - ひっぱる, Make Space - スペースをつくる, Draw & Pass - ひきつけてパス



Season 1, Week 7- Report May 18th 2017 

'Useful Words' - 有用な言葉 - this week included: Fingers - ゆび, Finger tips - ゆびさき, Spread - ひろがる, Competition - きょうそう, As many as you can - できるだけたくさん, Scan/Look for - さがす, Space - スペース



Season 1, Week 6 - Report May 11th 2017 

'Useful Words' - 有用な言葉 - this week included: Walking - 歩いてる, Jogging - ジョギング, Running - はしってる, Compete - きょうそう, Decide - きめる, Option - オプション / せんたく, Continuity - れんぞく



Season 1, Week 5 - Report April 27th 2017 

'Useful Words' (有用な言葉) for the younger class this week included: Inside - なか, Outside - そと, Unders - カットイン, Overs - カットアウト, Alignment - せいれつ, Straighten - まっすぐにする, Depth - ふかさ



Season 1, Week 4 - Report Thursday April 27th 2017

'Useful Words' (有用な言葉) for the younger class this week included: Hips - 腰, Tilt - 前傾, Hip-Tilt - 腰を前傾, Strong Position - 強い姿勢, Degrees - 度, 90 Degrees - 90度, Push - 押す, Pull - 引く



Reports for the first 3 classes are now online. Reports for weeks 4-6 will follow soon.


Season 1, Week 3 - Report Thursday April 20th 2017

'Useful Words' (有用な言葉) from the 11-14 years class were: Shoulder - 肩, Knee - 膝, Elbow - 肘, Foot - 足, Lead foot -リードフット, Strong - 強い, Stance - 体勢, "See it" - 見る, "Hit it" - 打つ, "Squeeze it" - 絞る, "Drive it" - 前進



Season 1, Week 2 - Report Thursday April 13th 2017

Season 1, Week 1 - Report Thursday April 6th 2017



Well done and thanks to all those who attended the trial session on Thursday! I was very happy to get started and to meet everyone. I hope the players all enjoyed themselves and that I will see you all again next week. If you want to enroll for the rest of the season please compete the enrollment process HERE. You should receive an email very shortly detailing how to make payment. Thanks, Roy (Coach).



Tomorrow will be the very first Rugby Park Academy English Class! Thanks to everyone who has registered to come along. I'm looking forward to getting started and excited to see you all at Peverley Place tomorrow evening. There are lots of native English speaking students coming along. If you are learning English please relax and enjoy gradually building your communication skills alongside your rugby skills. Thanks, Roy (Coach).



If you are interested in attending the free trial class on Thursday April 6th please register HERE




Saint Maur's Peverley Place



3-84 Chiyozaki-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama





Thurs April 6th Thurs August 31st


Thurs April 13th

Thurs Sept. 7th


Thurs April 20th Thurs Sept. 14th


Thurs April 27th Thurs Sept. 21st


Thurs May 4th Thurs Sept. 28th


Thurs May 11th Thurs Oct. 5th


Thurs May 18th Thurs Oct. 12th


Thurs May 25th Thurs Oct. 26th


Thurs June 1st Thurs Nov. 2nd


Thurs June 8th Thurs Nov. 9th


11−14 years old - 18:00-19:30

15−18 years old - 19:30-21:00


These age groups are somewhat flexible. Please contact us if you have any questions about attendance.



Through its 'Academy' Rugby Park Japan provides weekday, after school rugby practice opportunities to school age rugby players at a number of locations in Kanagawa. The Peverley Place Class is a rugby training class coached in English. The focus is on developing the fundamental skills of rugby through drills and small sided games. As this is not a team there are no matches with other teams. You can join if you are a player for another club or school, or even if you do not play rugby yet but want to start.


We can introduce suitable teams for players who currently do not have a team to play for. 



SEASON 1 - ¥19,000/season
(This includes 9 classes and insurance fee of ¥1,000)


・April 6th of SEASON 1 will be a free trial session.


・Essentially the fee covers a season of classes.


・We can not refund the cost of an individual class if absent due to personal reasons etc. Please let us know when registering if you know you will not be able to attend every week but would like to register for the class. We are happy to consider adjusting the fee to the number of weeks you will be able to attend.


・Formal enrollment may be after participation in a trial class (trial class participation is limited to 1 class per person).


・If you join later during the season, the season fee will be adjusted to the number of weeks remaining.